Moving Tips for the Metro East Area

What You Should Do Before Your Move

  • Notify the post office of your move for an address change. Time the mail so it is delivered to your new home when you move.
  • Disconnect utility services to your current home and connect utilities at your new residence with proper timing.
  • Consider Hosting a yard sale or donating items you do not want to move.
  • Throw away flammable materials.
  • Empty out your refrigerator and freezer. Let each air out for a day or two.
  • Disconnect and unplug all major appliances. Ashby moving is not liable for any damages associated with appliances that are not properly serviced. Gas appliances WILL NOT be served by Ashby moving under any circumstances.
  • Back up important files from your computer before preparing it for moving.
  • Create a diagram of how you want the furniture laid out in each room to make the process easier. Our movers can place the furniture where you would like it, but the more times items are moved, the longer your move will take.
  • Dismantle beds and remove mirrors and glass shelves to save time. While our movers can easily provide these services, you will save considerable time doing this before they arrive. NOTE: if your movers do not perform the disassembly, they cannot reassemble items for you.
  • Clean your home and organize prior to movers arriving. We know this is difficult when trying to prepare for your move, but it allows our moving team to efficiently perform their job.
  • Have things packed and ready to move by having boxes securely taped shut and small or non-stackable items packed or they might not be able to be moved by our movers. You may leave unbreakable items in dresser drawers, but be aware that they may become disarrayed in the moving process.
  • Designate a room in your new home for all boxes to be placed, preferably close to the door, to make the moving process easier and more organized. Keep related boxes together as they will end up in the same room, reducing carrying time and making the overall move more efficient.

Pro Packing Tips

packing tips madison il
  • Obtain the proper cartons for your items; the right size and strength.
  • Remember, the heavier the item, the smaller the box it should occupy. A good rule of thumb is if you cannot lift the carton easily, then it is too heavy! Try to keep the weight of any box under fifty pounds.
  • As you pack each box, place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. Use paper, or other cushioning to fill in empty spaces in and on the top of each box.
  • If at all possible, do not have movers transport your jewelry, photographs, family heirlooms, and firearms. Although we are capable of transporting these items, if they should become lost or damaged, the reimbursement will not replace the sentimental value that you place on them.
  • When packing boxes, write on multiple sides of each box, not on the top.
  • Hazardous materials cannot be shipped and should not be packed. These items include paint, paint thinner, solvents, oils, gasoline, bleach, flammables, aerosols, ammunition, and live plants.