Frequently Asked Questions for Our Expert Movers

When should I book my move?

Once you know which date works with your schedule, calling ahead to book your move is the best option! When you book further in advance you have a better chance of receiving the perfect date. Since we work on a first come first served basis two weeks notice is a good place to start.

How can I pay for services provided?

Unless prior arrangements are made, payment is due at time of service. We do not accept debit or credit cards but accept cash and local personal and cashier’s checks.
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Do you insure my household goods?

Yes. By law and varying by area, we provide the required coverage on all household goods. For an additional fee we provide an additional valuation.

How will you protect my furniture?

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Everyone on our team is experienced loaders and experts on proper loading techniques. All of your furniture will be covered with protective moving blankets that are secured with special banks and straps to prevent damage.

Is there anything you cannot move?

For safety or security reasons we cannot move light bulbs, batteries, aerosols, gasoline, oil, lighters, matches, candles, any previously opened liquid, live plants, and open-top boxes. ALL boxes must be securely taped shut on both the top and bottom.

How should I pack my boxes?

Before packing, make sure you have the proper boxes for your items. They should be strong and sturdy. Paper should be used to protect glassware. If you have no packing materials, you can purchase them from us. Any small or non-stackable items must be packed, or they are not going to be taken by our movers. If you have further questions, view or Moving Tips Page.

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How can I reduce the cost of my move?

Preparation will save you money. For helpful ideas on making your move easier, fasters, and the most cost-efficient please visit our Moving Tips page.

Why should I choose Ashby Moving & Storage?

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Ashby Moving & Storage is a family business, and we have built our reputation on our family name – we proudly serve the local community! Our team is dedicated to making sure you are happy and satisfied. The crews we use are courteous and experienced with using modern, well-maintained, and clean equipment.